Henlow Greyhound Stadium

Henlow Greyhound Stadium opened as a straights racing track in 1923, and began circuit racing in 1927. It is a big galloping track with a long straight to the finish line. The stadium can house 1000 people and there are 400 car parking spaces.

Henlow Track Information

Track circumference

Distances raced
277m, 460m, 460mH, 550m, 692m, 870m

Run To First Bend

Hare Type

Race Days
Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Henlow Major Races

Bedfordshire Derby
Westmead Hawk Puppy Cup

Henlow Track Records

7/6/07250mQuivers Ace14.92sec
4/4/08277mSecond Option16.65sec
8/10/10460mFear Khan27.21sec
23/07/09460mHBomber Bailey28.20sec
24/4/06550mQuesthouse Ellie33.10sec
8/3/09692mDazzle Special42.02sec
13/08/09870mMidway Skipper54.93sec

Henlow Address

Henlow Racing Ltd
Bedford Road
Lower Stondon
SG16 6EA

Henlow Contact Details

Tel: 01462 851850
Fax: 01462 815593
Email: info@henlow-racing-ltd.co.uk

Racing Manager
Paul Mellor

How to get to Henlow

By Train
Hitchin Station, short taxi journey.

By Car
From A1 and M1, take Luton turn off to Hitchin. From Hitchin, take A600 towards Bedford for about 6 miles. Track is on this road, on the left and opposite Henlow RAF Camp.

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